Embark on an Enchanting Journey: The Silk Tour of East Sikkim

Introduction: Located in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, East Sikkim beckons traveler with breathtaking landscapes, serene monasteries and vibrant culture. If you are looking for a truly immersive experience, East Sikkim Silk Journey is an unforgettable journey that will attract you. This carefully crafted itinerary takes you through valleys, waterfalls and historical landmarks, allowing you to unlock the hidden treasures of this beautiful region 

Brief short 5 days 4 nights silkroute tour package

Day 1: Gangtok full day local sightseeing.

Mesmerizing Gangtok Your journey begins in the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok, where beautiful streets decorated with colorful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze will welcome you Explore the famous Enchey Monastery, Lal Bazaar a it’s in the heat and taste traditional Sikkimese dishes at local restaurants. At sunset, enjoy a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga Mountains from Tashi Viewpoint, where orange and pink paint the skyline. 

Day 2: Gangtok to Tsomgo or Changu Lake.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the clear waters of Lake Tsomgo as you climb up the mountains to Lake Tsomgo. The trek rewards you with breathtaking views of snow capped mountains and emerald green hills. The lake’s crystalline water reflects the surrounding mountains, creating an atmosphere straight out of a fairy tale. Soak in the serenity of the place and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Day 3: Local sightseeing to Rumtek Monastery

Spiritual Journey Embark on a spiritual journey as you visit Rumtek Monastery, one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim. Admire the stunning architecture and vibrant paintings adorning the walls, transporting you to a realm of peace and devotion. Immerse yourself in soul-nurturing experiences during meditation and soak up the profound wisdom of the resident monks.

Day 4: Gangtok to Aritar and Zuluk.

Exploring Aritar and Zuluk On your way to the far East of Sikkim, Aritar and Zuluk await with their uncharacteristic beauty. Aritar offers pristine lakes, lush forests and scenic vistas that showcase sublime natural beauty. At an impressive altitude, Zuluk treats you to winding roads and hairpin benches, offering breathtaking views at every turn. Marvel at the sunrise in Thambi’s mind and feel awe as the first rays of light caress the snow-capped mountains. 

Day 5: Full day sightseeing Zuluk Old Silk Route

Old Silk Road History and Heritage Travel through the history of the Old Silk Road as you explore the ancient trade routes that once connected India with Tibet and beyond. Witness the remnants of an ancient road and visit the historic Baba Temple to pay respects in the venerable Nathang Valley. Experience the warm hospitality of the locals and enjoy the delicious delicacies of Sikkimese.

Conclusion: The East Sikkim Silk Journey is a journey that perfectly blends natural beauty, spirituality and history. Inviting you to unravel the mysteries of the Himalayas, immerse yourself in monastic serenity and experience the majesty of nature at its best From the scenic streets of Gangtok to the rugged terrain of Zuluk, this journey will leave a mark indelible on your soul. So, pack your bags, and embark on an East Sikkim silk trek for an adventure of a lifetime.

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